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Posted on May 21, 2014 by in INK |


Hi, I am Andrew and I work at iPrint Solutions. iPrint Solutions is more than a printer, we are a print solution provider.


This is our first blog.


Today I am going to write about making your business look good.


Recently we were given a brief by a rather high profile kitchen builder who builds predominantly in the luxury homes in North West and the north shore areas of New South Wales.


The customer tells us he needs his business card to stand out.

When picked up the card has to feel good.

It must look expensive and last but not least, sings his brand loudly.


His old card was nothing like what he wants.


We set down and created a card that showcased his work, printed it on a thicker substrate

Highlighted his brand completely on one side – without the logo fighting for attention with all the other bits of info.

Then we coated the card in a matte celloglaze and on top of that to make it look expensive we added a glossy spot UV on top of the matte cello glazing.


Finally we recommended that he hands his business cards out, with his brand facing upwards


If you want your cards to stand out, feel good, look expensive – because it will be, and sing your brand loudly, give me a call

02 8004 2539


The only thing we don’t print is money!