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Posted on Jul 30, 2014 by in INK |


Today I am going to talk about picking the right quantity to print

One of the many Questions we get asked is what is the most economic quantity to print?

The perception is – the more we print the cheaper it gets it gets.

Technically that it true – If you are looking at unit cost.

But printing 10,000 letterheads when you only need 2000 every year means you have 4 years worth of stock

This is a case of money just sitting in a cupboard somewhere.

We are an advocate of printing for the need over a reasonable period of time.

Yes, it means we do ourselves a smaller order, less money and smaller turnover BUT we are in business because of our customers and it is

their interests we have to put first.

If you are or know someone who is looking to budget and rationalise their print consumption, give us a call.

And remember…

The only thing we don’t print is money.

Have a profitable day.