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Posted on Jun 10, 2014 by in INK |


Hi, I’m Christine Leaves  I work in Sales and Marketing


Every business has untapped marketing opportunities.


We all know the mistakes businesses make in re-branding but the Printer has to accept those internal  mistakes.


However IPRINT Solutions looks for opportunities by combining our skills in creative design with  smart marketing strategies for the particular business


This story is about a local dry cleaning business who wanted a quote for a reprint of a small docket which told the customer of their free service of mending and replacing buttons on their dry cleaning item, plus a thank you card –  thanking brides for dry cleaning their gowns.


IPRINT Solutions recommended a smarter, bolder font with the company colours and which really stands out now on the coat-hanger, plus the thank you flyer we designed will extend to all gowns dry cleaned, not just a wedding gown.


We look forward to hearing the difference IPRINT solutions will have on their customers response to this print job of taking simple untapped marketing opportunities and highlighting them.


This week I’m after  businesses who would like to discuss one of their untapped marketing opportunities. So, if you are a business that needs a fresh new ‘look’ , call us 02 8004 2539 or chat with us on Live Chat on this website.


The only thing we don’t print is money!